Kirio & Company is a full-service local accounting firm that was founded in 1991. We perform a variety of services ranging from daily bookkeeping to payroll for small business owners, and tax planning for foreign individuals and entrepreneurs involved in sophisticated tax partnerships. As needed, the firm also assists entrepreneurs in the creation and execution of action plans often related to succession of ownership from one generation to the next.

As an organization, we pride ourselves on providing a high-quality service instilled with the following values:


We adhere to a code of professional ethics, but beyond the written requirements of the code we strive for what is best for the client.


We treat each other and our clients in a manner which reflects the value and trust we place on each other.


We strive to be real and reputable. To that end we provide written quotations which clearly describe the work we intend to perform. In that process our aim is always to under promise and over perform.